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Lapis Lazuli - 4 PC D6 Set


    • What’s in the box: 4-piece metal D6 dice set and a velvet dice pouch
    • Guaranteed for life with our Lifetime Warranty
    • No more incomplete sets - Protected with our Lost Dice Replacement Promise
    • Balanced for fair rolls (hand-painting may cause slight weight variation but it should not materially impact rolls)
    • Made of a durable, non-toxic zinc alloy
    • Hand-painted
    • Electroplated edges



    These dice are made of a non-toxic zinc alloy. Each order comes with 4xD6 and a velvet drawstring bag.

    These dice are 14mm tall and weigh 16 grams.

     Shipping Weight: 3 ounces


    Metal dice are ridiculously durable. But even the most fearsome weapons require proper care.

    Clean your dice often with a cloth to remove any oils from your hand.

    Over time, minor scuffing to the edges may occur—this is normal. To minimize scratching, keep your dice in a dice case.

    Occasionally, you can wash them thoroughly with warm water, a gentle detergent, and a soft bristled brush (e.g., a toothbrush) to get into the numbers/recessed areas. Avoid using abrasive pads like steel wool or the green side of a sponge.

    Metal dice are tough. They will last a lifetime. But they tend to be rough on the stuff around them. Please use them with care—roll them into a dice tray or mat so they don’t cause damage to your table. Keep them out of reach of children—they have sharp edges and small parts that could be a choking hazard.

    And most importantly, enjoy your indestructible dice. If anything ever happens, we’ve got you covered with a lifetime warranty.


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