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Lost Dice Replacement For a Buck Warranty

Did you lose a die and roll a nat 1 on Investigation? We replace dice that are lost for any reason at all, forever, for a buck plus shipping.

If you lose a die or an entire dice set, click here to request a new die or dice set through our warranty program. You’ll verify the name on your order and the style/color and we’ll get a replacement out to you after you pay the processing fee of $1 per die plus $5 shipping (for locations in the US; international shipping costs more). Each die can be replaced up to one time under the Lost Dice Replacement Warranty.

A few exceptions:

  • The warranty only covers orders through and excludes all other re-sellers and sales channels,.
  • If we no longer carry that dice style, we will offer to replace it with a similarly priced die.
  • Complementary dice received through promotional or charity events are excluded.
  • Dice towers and dice trays are excluded.
  • Dice cases, dice bags, and other accessories that came with your dice set are excluded. This replacement policy applies only for the dice themselves.
  • Each customer is limited to 9 replaced dice per year.
  • Replacements can only be fulfilled once the return window is closed.
  • Replacement dice cannot be returned for a refund.
  • For locations outside the US, shipping costs will be calculated and will be significantly higher than $5, and any tariffs or customs charges incurred will be the responsibility of the customer.


Lifetime Craftsmanship Warranty

If your dice ever have an issue that is our fault like a manufacturing defect or a problem that should not occur with normal use, we will replace them at absolutely no cost to you.  This includes all dice you buy from This would include things like:

  • Cracks in the dice
  • Deformed dice
  • Defects in the paint/ink

This wouldn’t cover the normal wear and tear of using dice such as chipping, scuffing, and scratches on the surface. This also doesn't cover minor scuffing in metal dice edges, which is a normal part of the manufacturing process and accurately portrayed in product photography. Finally, this warranty doesn't cover known flaws that are disclosed before the purchase.

To make a warranty claim, click here.

This warranty only extends to products purchased through and does not cover HEIMDALLR dice purchased through any other sales channels or marketplaces.

All shipping costs, tariffs, and/or customs charges incurred to ship product to non-US locations will be the responsibility of the customer.